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UL Solutions Releases Australian eftpos Test Cards in its BTT

UL Solutions now has a qualified set of test cards available in its Brand Test Tool (BTT) for Australian eftpos Contact and Contactless Terminal Application Validation Programs.

A person making a contactless credit card payment

October 26, 2023

UL Solutions is proud to announce the availability of a qualified set of test cards in its Brand Test Tool (BTT) for Australian eftpos Contact and Contactless Terminal Application Validation Programs.

Point of Sale (POS) terminal vendors and merchant acquirers wishing to deploy eftpos chip-enabled terminals supporting contact and/or contactless interfaces are required to have their products certified according to eftpos requirements before deployment in the market.

The new eftpos module in the BTT contains the required certification test cards that must be used by POS manufacturers, merchant acquirers and other payment service providers to validate that their payment solutions can accept eftpos contact and contactless payment transactions in accordance with the specifications defined by the Australian domestic scheme. The availability of these eftpos test cards in BTT enables users to execute the full contact and contactless eftpos test plans and obtain the transaction logs supplied by the BTT in real time, which are required as testing evidence for the certification of payment terminals.

With this new module, the BTT and its SmartConnect digital probe eliminate the need to use plastic test cards, provide clear and real-time visibility of EMV interactions between the card and the terminal and becomes the perfect tool for POS vendors and merchant acquirers to verify that the deployed payment terminals meet the requirements defined for accepting eftpos contact and contactless payment cards in the field.

Ms. May Lam, Chief Information Officer of Australian Payments Plus (AP+, owner of the eftpos brand), expressed her delight that AP+ is working with UL Solutions. “Our collaboration with UL Solutions means the eftpos digital card images are now integrated with the UL Solutions Brand Test Tool. This provides a more seamless testing and certification process and enhanced customer experience, which goes to the heart of our purpose — to unite people and technology to power better experiences.”

“We are pleased with the addition of this important domestic payment scheme to our Brand Test Tool after a successful collaboration with eftpos Australia,” said Chante Maurio, vice president and general manager of identity management and security at UL Solutions. “This enhancement expands the capabilities of this tool to test acceptance and interoperability of international and local payment brands,” stated Ms. Maurio. 

Learn more about the Brand Test Tool and its features.


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