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Welcome to UL Solutions Netherlands

As a Dutch certification body, technical assessment body and notified body, UL Solutions can provide certification and CE marking for an array of products.

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UL Solutions offers businesses in the Netherlands and across the EU an array of testing, inspection and certification (TIC), training, and advisory services to help our customers manage risk and access markets around the world. We help customers in more than 100 countries achieve safety, security and sustainability goals.


From our Dutch Office in Arnhem, we offer CE marking for the Construction Product Regulation, Machine Directive, Marine Equipment Directive and Personal Protection Equipment Regulation. As a notified body and technical assessment body, we can also offer the European Organisation for Technical Approvals (EOTA) route.

Test furnace at fire safety laboratory in Blockley United Kingdom, UK

CPR, Product Area 02

We offer construction product compliance testing for doors, windows, shutters, gates and related hardware.

Smoke detector and fire sprinkler on the ceiling

CPR, Product Area 10

Engage UL Solutions for Construction Product Regulation (CPR) compliance testing for fixed firefighting equipment, systems and components.

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CPR, Product Area 31

Access comprehensive CPR compliance testing for power, control and communication cables.

Magnesium oxide board in front of an oven

CPR, Product Area 35

We perform CPR compliance testing for firestopping, sealing, protective and retardant products.

Personal flotation device testing

Personal protective equipment

We provide testing for personal protective equipment (PPE). Contact us or see the full scope available through our Dutch accreditation body.

Lifesaving marine gear

Marine Equipment Directive (MED)

We can provide a wide range of MED Wheel mark testing. Contact us or see the full scope available through our Dutch accreditation body.

Worker using an industrial machine

Machine Directive - Regulation

We offer functional safety compliance testing on machinery. Contact us or see the full scope available through our Dutch accreditation body.

A flying drone

Unmanned aircraft systems

Rules for drones and unmanned aircraft are evolving. We are working with RvA to clarify procedures through Regulation (EU) 2019/945.


Innovate with confidence by leveraging our strategic and sustainability solutions for your most complex business challenges.

Expand in the European market with CE marking

CE marking allows you to sell products throughout the EU, including European Free Trade Association countries. UL Solutions can assess products and identify regulatory gaps for:

  • Regulation 305/2011/EU for construction products for product areas 10, 31 and 35
  • Regulation 2016/425/EU for personal protective equipment
  • Directive 2014/90/EU for marine equipment
  • Directive 2006/42/EC, the Machine Directive

Business in Britain requires UKCA marking

In 2020, Brexit transitional arrangements between the EU and U.K. ended. From our offices in the Netherlands and U.K., we can provide services for both CE and UKCA marking so you can continue to sell products across Europe.

UL-EU Mark Safety Scheme

When you need certification for products such as fire extinguishing systems, but no harmonized European (hEN) standards apply, the UL-EU Mark Safety Scheme is a good option.

We offer two scopes — general products and construction products — that cover many types of goods.

Two different certification bodies operate this scheme: UL International Demko A/S (UL Demko) and UL International (U.K.) Ltd.

Rigorous, independent testing inspires confidence

UL Solutions offers testing services according to hEN or UL standards. We can also perform witness testing under our extensive Witness Test Data Program (WTDP) for the parts that require witnessing on your premises or nearby. Our team will work with you to understand your specific product needs and certification requirements.

Auditing and inspection

UL Solutions assessments can help you support product quality according to your quality management system or factory production control. We can work with you to pinpoint inconsistencies, weaknesses and risks, and help you identify your organization’s strengths and opportunities. For CE marking, we can handle your factory production control according to the product requirements from either the standards or the European Assessment Document.

UL Solutions Netherlands accreditor

National accreditation bodies (NAB) review and renew accreditations of conformity assessment bodies, including laboratories and inspection, certification and verification bodies. In the Netherlands, this is Raad voor Accreditatie (RvA). Our certificates bear its logo and refer to scope C648 for product certification. Review UL Scope C648 for all of our services under our accredited scope.

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Fire Testing Laboratory in the United Kingdom

In response to the urgent demand for more fire testing facilities in the United Kingdom, a major new fire resistance testing laboratory at Blockley, Gloucestershire, opened today, featuring two of the largest furnaces of their kind.

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For CPR, PPE, MED, Machine Directive and Unmanned aircraft systems services:

UL International (Netherlands) B.V.
Westervoortsedijk 60
Tel: +31.26.376.4800

UL Solutions Customer Service
Tel:  +31.26.376.4923


For Identity Management & Security services:

Identity Management & Security
De Heyderweg
Tel: +31.71.581.3636


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