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UL Solutionsについて


安全科学のグローバルリーダーであるUL Solutionsは、安全性、セキュリティ、サステナビリティの課題を、お客様の機会へと変える支援を提供します。UL Solutionsは試験、検査、認証サービス、関連するソフトウェア製品およびアドバイザリーサービスを提供し、お客様の製品イノベーションやビジネスの成長をサポートします。




Who We Are

We support what matters to you. Safety. Quality. Sustainability. Confidence. We empower trust.


We work to help create a safer, smarter, more secure and sustainable world.


The principles and values established by our founder continue to guide our leadership today.

Corporate Sustainability

We respect people, empower communities and support the natural environment.

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors provides strategic direction and oversight for the organization.

Ethics and Compliance

Integrity, honesty, quality and fairness are the foundation of all of our business practices.


We love challenges and encourage pushing boundaries, active curiosity and asking tough questions.

Diversity and Inclusion

We are focused on creating a welcoming, diverse and inclusive culture where all employees are empowered to share their talents, ideas, passion and experiences.


For over a century, we have supported innovators, advanced safety science and protected people and places.

Brand Integrity

Brand Integrity spans a range of services and activities designed to boost market confidence in brands and products to perform safely, effectively and responsibly.


Contact us at one of the many UL Solutions offices around the world.


We help entrepreneurs to bring safety, security, sustainability and interoperability to their innovations.