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VRMark for Android

Test and compare the VR performance of Android smartphones with VRMark, the virtual reality benchmark.

A black bench in the middle of a white room.

VRMark Professional Edition, designed for industry and press use, combines three VR benchmark tests with three individual test modes to provide a comprehensive set of tools for testing the VR capabilities of the latest devices.

The three VR benchmarks include

  • The Indigo Room test represents the majority of mobile VR content available today
  • The Purple Room benchmark is designed to run well for at least one loop on first-generation Daydream devices
  • The Amber Room is a forward-looking test that represents next-generation mobile VR content

Three ways to test

  • Peak Mode measures a device’s peak performance by running a single loop of the benchmark test
  • Sustained Mode tests if a device can maintain the required performance for VR over 10 loops, one hour or a full day without heating up or slowing down
  • Experience Mode allows you to connect a headset to judge the quality of the VR experience with your own eyes

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