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UL GREENGUARD Certification for Low Chemical Emission Products

UL GREENGUARD Certification empowers manufacturers and retailers to demonstrate that products have low emissions and are healthier for indoor environments.

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The majority of everyday chemical exposure to humans occurs incidentally through the air we breathe in our homes, workplaces and other indoor environments.

The airborne chemicals that cause this exposure are commonly referred to as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and many are byproducts of the manufacturing and maintenance of building materials, interior furnishings, cleaning products and personal care products.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other researchers have conducted studies and determined that VOCs are common in indoor environments and that indoor VOC levels may be 1,000-2,000 times higher than outdoor levels.

VOCs and product chemical emissions

Studies1 show there may be anywhere from 50 to several hundred individual VOCs circulating in indoor air at any time. Some of these compounds may produce noticeable odors at low levels, but many have no discernable smell. Numerous VOCs are known irritants and can cause headaches, dizziness, or eye, nose and throat irritation when in high levels.

Long-term human exposure to certain VOCs may lead to chronic diseases or cancer. Because of these factors, it is increasingly apparent that the products we use to build and furnish our indoor environments can have a significant impact on indoor air pollution levels.

  1. World Health Organization:

Importance of indoor air quality

In today’s marketplace, consumers are aware of these issues and actively seek products that contribute to healthier indoor environments. People understand that human health and the environment are paramount. These growing concerns make indoor air quality (IAQ) a priority in their purchasing and lifestyle choices.

Showcase your commitment to healthier indoor environments

Manufacturers and retailers choose UL GREENGUARD Certified products to appeal to health-conscious consumers and grow their share of U.S. and global markets. Our UL GREENGUARD certification program has established testing methods and emissions limits for a variety of product groups, including:


The wire, cable and connectivity evolution


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Building materials



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Cleaning products



The UL GREENGUARD Mark denotes that representative samples of a particular product have undergone rigorous scientific testing to meet stringent chemical emissions requirements.

This certification gives manufacturers and retailers a distinct competitive advantage in the marketplace, demonstrating their commitment to consumers and the environment.

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Discover more than 80,000 UL GREENGUARD Certified products on our SPOT® product database.

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UL GREENGUARD Certification is the No. 1 testing program for products built to contribute to cleaner, healthier indoor air.

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