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Hazardous Locations (HazLoc) Testing, Verification and Certification Are Our Specialty

Rely on our HazLoc experts to help you gain market access without compliance or regulatory delays.

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In today’s modern world, no one can afford costly compliance or regulatory delays associated with the certification of products used in hazardous locations (HazLoc), many of which are necessary to compete in global markets. Our expert HazLoc engineers help you understand the various national and global requirements applicable to your products’ needs and help identify new requirements based on industry demands so that you have the certifications you need to compete in the crowded global marketplace.

Our comprehensive service offering includes equipment testing, certification, advisory services, repair facility services and production quality assessments, including global conformity assessment schemes, for HazLoc equipment.

Global market access

When you work with UL Solutions, we provide global certification services with a road map for market acceptance in each region of the world where you do business. Our relationships with local certification staff help us understand local regulations so we can help you obtain local certifications, including UL, C-UL, INMETRO, ATEX or IECEx certifications.

Testing and certifying hydrogen-fueled equipment

Hydrogen is already being used as a greener choice of fuel for vehicles, but there are many aspects to consider when determining the energy source’s environmental impacts. UL Solutions experts can test and certify to both U.S. and international standards and codes for all your business needs.

Verifying compliance for HazLoc/Ex skid assemblies

For HazLoc/Ex skid assemblies, assessing for compliance can be challenging if you consider only the individual components. UL Solutions takes a holistic approach and considers the entire assembly and interconnections between parts to help mitigate limited regulatory issues or potential red flags from inspectors.

Test and certify flammable and combustible fluids equipment

We can help you navigate the complex regulatory requirements for flammable and combustible fluids equipment. Whether you are a manufacturer, user or inspection authority, we can evaluate, test and certify your equipment.