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Demonstrate Healthier Indoor Environments

Verify the health of your buildings with a UL Verified Healthy Building Mark.

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Provide science-driven healthier spaces for tenants and occupants

The UL Verified Healthy Building program offers the real estate industry an independent source of verification  from a respected safety science leader. This program leverages 40 years of indoor environment inspections to develop a quantitative review process driven by: 

  • Building metrics discerned through performance testing
  • Comprehensive on-site visual inspections
  • Verification of the implementation of policies

The program features three tiers that examine different factors against accepted science-centric standards.

UL Solutions aligns our program criteria with industry-recognized third-party organizations such as the EPA, NIOSH, WHO, CDC, ASHRAE and LEEDv4.1. 

Verification Mark for Indoor Air

Verified Healthy Building for Indoor Air

This program option evaluates indoor air quality (IAQ), as well as policies and plans for the continual advancement of IAQ. UL Solutions teams inspect HVAC systems to verify that preventative maintenance is performed while focusing on ventilation, filtration and hygiene to help ensure continuous, excellent IAQ.

Verification Mark for Indoor Air and Water

Verified Healthy Building for Indoor Air and Water

This program evaluates buildings for IAQ and water quality. This includes a detailed assessment to limit the risk of waterborne pathogens and testing for contaminants as outlined by the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) drinking water standards to help ensure that water is safe for consumption.

Verification Mark for Indoor Environment

Verified Healthy Building for Indoor Environment

This is the most holistic look at a building’s indoor environment, assessing IAQ and water quality as well as building cleanliness, lighting and acoustics. This selection also helps ensure that policies and plans have been developed and enacted to support the continual advancement of overall indoor environmental quality (IEQ).

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LBA Realty - VHB - Case Study

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Brookfield Properties - UL VHB Case Study

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The Music Center - VHB - Case Study

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RMZ Corp - VHB - Case Study

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Cary, NC Fire Station - VHB - Case Study

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