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Advancing Robotics Safety with Testing and Certification

Meet our experts who can help you understand, test and certify your robots to safety standards supporting this fundamental goal.

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Please feel free to contact us to learn more about what requirements and challenges you may have when launching your product in your target market, what kind of evaluation is needed, etc. Get started today.

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UL Solutions is a global leader in safety science, and with our deep technical expertise, we can help consumer/commercial robots manufacturers to:

  • Demonstrate compliance of their robot products to safety and performance requirements to protect their brand reputation and build consumer trust.
  • Evaluate products for compliance with standards and regulations for their target markets (market access) and help bring innovative robot technologies to market faster.
  • Increase consumer confidence in the quality, performance and reliability of their products, differentiating them from their competitors.
  • Verify that the products work as expected with all other relevant devices and conform to all appropriate standards and technology platforms.

Learn more about our suite of consumer and commercial robotics services.

A young girl looking at a robotic arm.

Consumer robot safety testing

We can certify product to UL 3300, Outline of Investigation for Service, Communication, Information, Education and Entertainment Robots, and ISO 13482.

Two teenage girls in a living room examining a robot.

Functional safety

We can help robot product manufacturers demonstrate compliance with functional safety requirements, protecting brand reputation and building consumer trust.

Closeup of a microchip.

Robot component safety testing

We can help manufacturers with the evaluation and certification of components used in consumer and commercial robots to market requirements around the world.

Robot dog with a package on its back.

Global Market Access

Innovating and manufacturing robots is your specialty. Helping you access global markets is ours.

Robot waiters serving food and drink in bakery shop.

Interoperability testing

Gain confidence in your connected product’s ability to perform correctly and securely with a wide range of devices.

Person holding cell phone in front of a laptop.

UL Marketing Claim Verification

Marketing Claim Verification helps brands demonstrate the accuracy of their marketing claims, helping consumers make tough buying decisions.

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Navigate robotics compliance standards and regulations

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UL Solutions is a global leader in safety science. We actively participate and engage in the development of safety standards for consumer and commercial robots.

We can help manufacturers demonstrate their products’ compliance with safety and performance requirements, helping protect brand reputation and build consumer trust.