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UL EMV Personalization Validation Tool

Covers all major payment schemes for contact/contactless cards and mobile apps

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Validate EMV card personalization data

UL EMV Personalization Validation Tool (UL EMV PVT) is the most thorough and comprehensive test tool for Issuers, Card Personalization Bureaus and Card Manufacturers that want to validate the personalization of their payment cards and mobile payment applications.

Millions of credit and debit cards are being issued on a global scale each year. Every card needs to undergo personalization and it is important that the personalization process goes smoothly. UL EMV PVT assists you in testing your EMV payment products according to mandatory card personalization regulations from the major payment associations.

UL EMV PVT includes tests defined by UL Solutions over and above the mandated specifications, allowing you to easily check the correctness of the personalization of any EMV card application according to specifications from EMVCo, Mastercard, Visa, JCB, Discover, UnionPay and others. With just one click of a button, you can store, validate, retrieve, and examine all personalization data of EMV smart card applications such as chip, magnetic stripe, embossing data, asymmetric keys and PIN.

Key benefits of EMV personalization

  • Fully covered with relevant test specifications
  • User guidance by easy-to-follow Wizard support
  • Supporting Mastercard CPV, Visa payWave, JCB J/Smart, Discover, Diners, UnionPay and more
  • Browse through all EMV data elements with explanation
  • Simplifying quality control in personalization
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UL EMV Personalization Validation Tool

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