Created especially for our customers, MyHome is a dedicated web site providing secure access to online tools, databases, and proprietary customer content that can help simplify your information needs.

  • UL Reports/CDA — secure access to your individual UL reports and procedures.
  • MyProjects — stay up-to- date on the progress of all your open and completed projects.
  • ULiQTM Databases — easily source key components such as plastics, appliance wiring material, insulation systems and others based on your end-product requirements.
  • My Variation Notices (VNs) and Inspection Reports (IRs) — set alerts to receive notification of VNs and view details of your VNs and IRs.
  • Request For Quote — send your requests directly to your dedicated support team.
  • My Manufacturers – a view into your company’s Applicant, Manufacturer and Multiple Listee records

Important details

  • UL Subscriber/Party Site Number – have your company subscriber/party number handy when registering for MyHome. Entering your subscriber/party number in the specified location is a critical step in gaining access to your company records.
  • Gatekeeper – a gatekeeper must be established at your company to control user access to confidential company records.  The first request for access to subscriber/party site number information will start the gatekeeper process.  An electronic access gatekeeper agreement must be signed by someone other than the designated gatekeeper and returned to UL before access can be activated.

Start using MyHome

  • Register for a MyHome account now.

For more information

Please contact your local customer service team with any questions about MyHome.