UL certifies exterior walls, doors and windows for fire-resistance ratings, exterior wall coverings, metal composite materials and external insulation and finish systems (EIFS).

Exterior walls

Exterior wall systems and components

UL’s certification for exterior wall systems and components provides architects and building contractors the evidence needed to demonstrate compliance to code requirements for a wide range of properties including fire propagation resistance to NFPA 285, water penetration resistance to ASTM E331, and air leakage resistance to ASTM E2357.

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Fire-resistance rated wall assemblies

UL Product Spec – UL Product Spec is a powerful online search tool that helps you easily locate the UL certification information needed to achieve safe, sustainable code compliant installations. This next generation search engine allows you to search, validate, or confirm a wide range of UL certified construction materials, equipment and fire-resistance rated assemblies and systems.

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Identifying fire-resistance rated exterior walls – The fire-resistive designs and the UL Classified materials are investigated with the understanding their use is limited to interior applications unless the design or the Classification information for the material includes a statement such as “Investigated for exterior use” or unless the exterior use is obvious as in the case of coated metal wall facings used in exterior walls.

External insulation and finish systems (EIFS)

EIFS consists of Classified foam plastic boards attached to wall panels and covered by a Portland cement or synthetic stucco system. To find fire-resistance rated EIFS wall systems, use the ULtimate Fire-resistance Design Wizard and enter keyword “EIFS”.

Manufacturers of certified products and related information.

Metal composite materials (MCM)

Metal composite materials are included under two Building Unit product categories. One category covers the MCM’s surface burning characteristics and the other covers the use of these materials in fire-resistance rated designs. The fire-resistance rated designs in which these materials have been investigated are indicated in the individual manufacturers’ certifications.

Related product certifications

The following products are commonly used on the exterior side of wall assemblies.