In the new reality of a transparent global marketplace, companies need complete confidence in the safety, quality and performance of their products in order to promote consumer loyalty and differentiate their brand.

UL Consumer exists to help manufacturers and retailers verify every aspect of the supply chain and production process—from raw materials to sales transactions—to better manage risk and deliver products that are safe, socially responsible and compliant with industry and brand specifications.


Our customized programs deliver quality and verification solutions designed to fulfill the unique needs of manufacturers, retailers and distributors across multiple industries and markets.
This approach draws on four key areas of expertise:

Consumer Products:

From intensive analytical, physical and performance testing to consumer studies, in-depth inspections, audits and supply chain management.

Responsible Sourcing:

Including auditing, monitoring, training and advisory services that businesses need to develop and implement sustainable supply chains.

Transaction Security:

End-to-end security services for mobile, payment, e-ticketing and ID management sectors.

Wireless and EMC:

Covering cellular, wireless, interoperability and EMC, with an emphasis on multiple wireless products.


We are focused on today’s requirements and tomorrow’s challenges for our customers. This includes the continuing evaluation and development of quality assurance practices and safety standards; increased scrutiny for chemical usage in products; and the effects of immersive technology as electronics and interoperability usage increases in daily life.

As these global complexities continue to expand the definition of safety, we continue to help our partners deliver on the promise of their products.


Sajeev Jesudas

President, Consumer

Sajeev Jesudas leads our focus on product quality, performance and safety for UL customers. He joined UL in 2001 as President for Asia-Pacific operations and since then has served in many leadership positions with increasing responsibilities, including the role of Chief Operating Officer and that of President, International Operations. Sajeev is the current Chairman of the board of directors of the UL-CCIC joint venture company in China, and sits on the board of more than 20 UL affiliate companies globally.

Before joining UL, Sajeev worked in areas of sales and marketing and general management with a leading global manufacturer of electrical and electronic products for commercial, industrial, utility, and telecommunications markets, where he also held senior positions with Middle East and Asia Pacific regional responsibilities.

Sajeev holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Kerala, India, and an MBA degree from the University of Texas, Austin.