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Workplace Excellence

We make it easier to plan, manage and measure the achievements of your people-centered initiatives. Our solutions empower everyone in your organization to take an active role in problem-solving and process improvement.

Advancing enterprise well-being

Excellence doesn’t have an endpoint; it is achieved on a daily basis. A proactive approach to managing what matters – safety, health, happiness, performance, problem-solving and enthusiastic engagement, just to name a few – drives enduring success. We make it easier to plan, manage and measure the achievements of your people-centered initiatives.

Our inspection, consulting, training and software tools support comprehensive solutions that advance your workplace excellence. Among other capabilities, we can make it easier for you to identify safety issues before accidents or injuries happen. Our software simplifies complex processes, such as managing occupational health initiatives, medical compliance requirements and disability cases. We can help you increase visibility, and enhance communications, across your supply chain. And our library of more than 1,000 courses keeps everyone in the organization informed on safety, health care, compliance, industry best practices and other essential topics.

Proactive risk management

We can help you identify and evaluate areas of risk in your organization, across your global operations down to a single work site. Our tools make it easier to assess risk scenarios, determine the most effective responses, and automate mitigation and remediation actions. And our analytics tools simplify the process of reporting to regulatory authorities and other stakeholders.

Self-service safety management software, customized training content and software modules provide a flexible, scalable solution for your enterprise; we fully support your unique business processes and practices, reporting requirements and vision.

Empower your team

Workplace excellence brings everyone together to improve processes, enhance well-being, and reliably meet stakeholder expectations. We believe that teamwork – within your company and with us – is the most reliable path to excellence.

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