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Welcome to the cutting edge of safety science—Learn more about our rebrand.

Solve your toughest challenges with UL Solutions

You aspire to lead as a trusted organization delivering safe, secure and sustainable offerings to the global market. Partner with UL Solutions for the expertise, insights and solutions needed to succeed in a complex, changing world

Why UL Solutions?

UL Solutions is the global safety science leader. Our scientists, engineers and industry experts help you overcome risk and unlock your potential. We help you achieve safety, security and sustainability goals through our scientific leadership and problem-solving expertise – empowering the confident decision-making and innovation necessary for the world’s businesses and people to thrive.

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Access New Markets

Access global markets and increase speed to market while protecting brand reputation.

Workers next to shipping containers
Navigate Complexity

Anticipate and solve your most complex challenges while simplifying component and product ecosystems.

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Optimize Supply Chains

Enhance safety, security, sustainability and transparency across the entire supply chain.

Watch an overview of what UL Solutions provides

Discover what we do at UL Solutions, why it is more important than ever and how we can help your brand.

Overcoming challenges

Learn how organizations are overcoming evolving business challenges, simplifying complexity, accessing new markets, while demonstrating safety, sustainability and security.

Global Market Complexities Call for Require Global Solutions

Navigating the regulatory landscape of global markets can be challenging. Read this paper to discover the most common barriers businesses face when going global.

Top 5 Things to Keep in Mind When Designing Your 5G Product

5G is not an incremental jump but rather a leap. Read this whitepaper to discover potential points of failure that may be less obvious or more complicated than you expect.