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Supply Network Intelligence

Our intelligence solutions are specifically designed to support increased agility, better decision-making and strengthened resiliency across all aspects of your business, resulting in a more robust and responsive supply network.

Insights to drive decisions

Transform data into actionable business intelligence with our applications, knowledge, services and learning tools. We can help you to identify patterns and anomalies in your supply chain, business processes and distribution networks. Our analytics tools are designed for the complexities of today’s global supply networks and make it easy to collect data, extract meaning, share learnings and make improvements.

Supply network intelligence provides an inside view of your business’s ecosystem, using data collected from across your operations. Our applications enable you to deep dive into one aspect of your supply chain or take a broad look across all operations. Our services and learning tools make it easier to optimize what’s working, remediate problem areas, and align what you know about your business cycles with emerging realities to inform critical business decisions.

Actionable expertise

We know that effective solutions need to be tailored to a business’ needs, industry, operations and vision for the future, as well as helping to simplify the increasingly complex challenges of complying with a multitude of laws and regulatory requirements from multiple countries. From prescriptive to predictive analytics and data-driven solutions that meet everyday knowledge needs, such as sourcing, we’ll work with you to develop an action plan that delivers measurable success across your supply network and target markets.


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