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Security and compliance life cycle management platform for connected devices

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Improve your product security program

As more stringent state and industry cybersecurity regulations emerge across industries, UL Solutions understands these challenges and continues to support connected device stakeholders. SafeCyber is a security and compliance life cycle management platform hosting a suite of digitally enabled cybersecurity solutions for connected products that can help stakeholders address their cybersecurity challenges.


Device manufacturers, suppliers, system integrators and other stakeholders from chip to cloud continue to face cybersecurity challenges in today’s highly connected world. Product performance is important — but managing security and compliance is also critical.


Release more secure products faster

Stakeholders need to stay competitive and go to market quickly, but still need to maintain security and demonstrate readiness for compliance.

Mitigate product security risks

Assess the maturity of your product security processes and manage vulnerabilities.

Identify a clear path for enhancement

Discover governance, process improvements and vulnerabilities to remediate to increase the security posture of your connected products.



SafeCyber offers applications to help you develop connected products that boost compliance and manage security risks.



Why product security and compliance life cycle management can no longer be an afterthought


of all businesses have experienced a firmware attack in the past two years.




of organizations that use OT solutions fell victim to a cyberattack in the two years prior.

Ponemon Institute



of businesses say security concerns are a major barrier to adopting connected devices.

Omdia and IoT World Today


A single medical device recall due to an unaddressed vulnerability can cost up to

$600 million (USD)




See how our suite of cloud-based security solutions empowers you

Secure development life cycle maturity assessment

Our Maturity Path solution provides you with a secure development life cycle maturity assessment and a certification readiness score and report for your connected product lines. Conduct a complimentary self-assessment yourself or seek the expertise of one of UL Solutions' assessors. Analyze security strengths and challenges to better manage risks and minimize vulnerabilities.

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SafeCyber is for product security and development teams at device manufacturers, suppliers or system integrators developing connected products and looking to improve and enhance the security posture of their connected devices across the entire life cycle while speeding up time to market and helping to ensure compliance.

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Start assessing and improving your product security program today with SafeCyber

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Have more questions about SafeCyber? Explore our Technical Guide and FAQs.


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Maturity Path

Secure development life cycle maturity and process certification readiness assessments

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