As a safety science company with more than a century of proven experience and expertise, UL is the premier resource for testing, inspection, certification, compliance and knowledge solutions worldwide. UL’s portfolio of services aims to provide greater global market access to our customers and enable them to compete more effectively and efficiently in today’s fast-paced business world.

Our Service Categories

  • Certification
    Streamline compliance challenges and leverage UL’s expertise to sharpen a business’s competitive edge. more
  • Testing
    Gain trusted, independent corroboration that products and services fulfill requirements. more
  • Inspection
    Expert assessment of products to determine suitability, quality, reliability and regulatory/standards compliance. more
  • Auditing
    Insight, support and solutions aimed at addressing the challenges of the world marketplace. more
  • Validation
    Provide trusted confirmation of product claims to consumers, supply chains and business partners. more
  • Advisory and Education
    Actionable business intelligence, including customized action plans, knowledge sharing, training and workshops. more

Service Bundles

  • Architectural Services
    Rely on UL to provide the support, certifications and expertise you need to design and build safe, sustainable and compliant structures. more
  • Global Market Access
    Feel confident about global trade complexity and enter new markets with UL as your guide. more