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Water Footprint Inventory and Assessment

The way that water is used and managed in the manufacturing process is becoming increasingly important. Our Water Footprint Inventory can help you take stock of your water usage and showcase your environmental leadership in water use management.

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A water footprint inventory is a solution to better understand water-related impacts. It addresses potential environmental impacts related to water associated with a product, process or organization. It must include an assessment phase that follows the water footprint inventory. A water footprint inventory study is not a water footprint. Rather, a water footprint inventory is the compilation and quantification of inputs and outputs related to water for products, processes or organizations as defined in the goal and scope of the study.


Water is an essential natural resource. Driven by growing water demand, increasing water scarcity and the degradation of water quality, the issue of water use and management has become increasingly important to the global debate on sustainability. Increased global competition for water poses both risks, as water stewardship may be necessary for you to obtain a license to operate, and opportunities. Validating your responsible water use can be leveraged to effectively promote your brand and build your reputation as an innovative leader in an eco-conscious world.

Why UL

UL Environment’s leadership in the environmental space enables us to assist companies with their Water Footprint Inventory needs.

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