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Visa payWave Test Tool

An official Visa Europe test tool for contactless payment devices

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Testing for Visa payWave acceptance

Visa payWave Test Tool is an official Visa Europe test tool for Acquirers, Acquirer Processors, Terminal Manufacturers and Terminal Vendors who want to test contactless payment devices for Visa payWave acceptance.

  • Enables you to perform the Visa Europe mandated tests for contactless terminals
  • User-friendly test tool with easy-to-follow instructions
  • Speed up your development and validation process
  • Contactless card simulation, no physical cards needed
  • The Visa payWave Test Tool is delivered as a complete and portable box including all software and hardware

The Visa payWave Test Tool performs the required and mandated tests as specified by Visa Europe before your payWave terminal can be deployed at the merchant’s location. This verifies that the terminal can correctly handle Visa payWave cards (from all regions). Visa payWave Test Tool provides a unique solution enabling you to validate the configuration of your Visa payWave terminals. The tool uses contactless card simulation and automatically generates the test report that you need to submit to Visa for evaluation.

The Visa payWave Test Tool is an official Visa Europe tool that covers all specifications of the formal Visa payWave Procedures. The user-friendly graphical interface enables you to carry out all tests in an efficient manner. Before each test, the tool displays a set of easy-to-follow on-screen instructions explaining the type of transaction that you need to perform, and guiding you towards the completion of the test case.

Read our announcement here and our case study here.

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