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UL Verified Food Safety Practices

The importance of demonstrating food safety practices.

Clean commercial kitchen with the UL Verified Mark for Everclean food safety practices

Demonstrate food service safety

Consumers are paying close attention to sanitation and food safety practices and if customers deem a restaurant or food service facility unclean or unsanitary, it could damage a brand's reputation beyond repair.

Customers expect your food service facility to uphold high standards for sanitation and food safety practices. The health and safety of your customers — and your brand's reputation—depends on it. The UL Verified Mark for Everclean food safety practices can help demonstrate to your customers that you take food safety, hygiene and sanitation seriously.

Communicating about food safety can be a challenge

Food service providers need to show consumers that they have taken the necessary steps to help ensure their facilities are properly sanitized, employees know how to prioritize food safety, and they have implemented efficient food safety practices. The UL Verified Mark for Everclean® food safety practices helps customers quickly assess your commitment to food safety.

The importance of food service safety strategies

Food safety strategies matter not only to the health and safety of your customers but also to your company's reputation. Establishing a food safety strategy and promoting that strategy to the customers can help your business demonstrate it takes safety seriously. Prioritizing food safety may help avoid foodborne illnesses and related publicity that could damage a brand's reputation.

Business benefits of our Everclean food safety solutions

By leveraging our Everclean® solutions, you can set your brand apart and protect your reputation through our rigorous inspection, audit and training programs for restaurants, hotels, supermarkets and other retail food service providers. Businesses that want to communicate their efforts can pursue the UL Verified Mark for Everclean food safety practices that you can proudly display at your place of business. The UL Verified Mark for Everclean food safety practices helps demonstrate that you focus on the fundamentals of food safety over the long term, not only in times of crisis.