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UL Smart Tachograph Tools

A suite of smart tachograph card testing and validation tools from UL Solutions help you support proper personalization, functioning and regulatory conformance.

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Test tools to support reliable smart tachograph use

It is very important to ensure smart tachograph cards contain the proper data and function as expected. The UL Smart Tachograph Test Tools are designed to help smart tachograph card manufacturers or personalizers, as well as OEMs or EU Member States, test and/or verify the personalization, functioning and regulatory conformance of a Smart Tachograph card.

Our suite of tools offers fast results and helps you:

  • Shorten your time-to-market
  • Simplify the user experience
  • Gain clear feedback and reporting
  • Verify conformance and interoperability

UL Smart Tachograph Card Personalization Validation Tool 

Data printed on the outside of the smart tachograph card and stored in the chip must be correct and consistent to verify the reliable functioning of the card system and interoperability with vehicle units. 

Card Issuing Authorities can use our UL Smart Tachograph Card PVT to validate that the personalization profile(s) developed for the different types of tachograph cards is correct, while Card Personalizers will be able to verify that the personalization of cards is correct. 

UL Smart Tachograph Card Functional Test Tool

The UL Smart Tachograph Card Functional Test Tool (FTT) is an easy-to-use test environment for all four types of cards involved in the 1st and 2nd generation EU tachograph system. It covers all electronically executable tests necessary for the functional testing required for type approval, and it includes tests for interoperability and security testing.

Our tool allows you to determine whether tachograph cards are fully compliant with Annex 1C specifications by sending commands to the card and automatically evaluating the cards response. All steps in each test case are documented in human-readable format, including references to the relevant requirements in Annex 1C. Based on the characteristics of a card, the UL Smart Tachograph Card FTT will automatically determine which test cases are applicable to the card under test, and only applicable test cases will run.

UL Smart Tachograph Card Help Desk Tool

Following use, smart tachograph cards will eventually return from the field. The UL Smart Tachograph Card Help Desk Tool helps you analyze these cards for proper functionality. The tool analyses data that has been written to the card and reports the location of data not in accordance with EU Commission Implementation Regulations regarding smart tachograph cards. Also, our UL Smart Tachograph Card Help Desk Tool gives an overview of all data on the card.

The UL Smart Tachograph Card Help Desk Tool can be used for testing Smart Tachograph cards that have been personalized with test keys or production keys.

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UL Smart Tachograph Card Test Tools

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