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UL PURE Reader Functional Test Suite

Implements all test cases defined in Gemalto’s PURE Contactless Reader Test Specification

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Compliant and interoperable

The UL PURE Reader Functional Test Suite implements all test cases defined in Gemalto’s PURE Contactless Reader/Kernel Test Cases. The test suite, consisting of over 1,000 test cases, comes equipped with a Gemalto PURE contactless card simulator which behaves as described in the Gemalto Test case specification. Based on the Implementation Conformance Statement (ICS), the tool automatically selects the tests that are applicable. Each test case runs automatically and where applicable the test suite provides clear instructions on how to proceed with the test case at hand. The test suite runs on UL Conclusion Test Manager providing comprehensive and easy-to-view test reports.

For those payment schemes worldwide that mandate PURE specifications for contactless card acceptance, such as MEPS in Malaysia, the UL PURE Reader Functional Test Suite can be used by terminal vendors and reader kernel application developers to perform pre-certification tests on their PURE compliant products. This means you can avoid costly iterations between terminal development and certification laboratories.

Key benefits

  • Shorten your development cycle
  • Fully automated test execution
  • Clear and easily understandable issue reporting
  • Perform high-quality pre-certification self-testing
  • Up-to-date with the latest specifications