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UL Cloud-based Functional Test Suites

The perfect tool for testing your mobile payment applications against payment scheme specifications

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Fully automated and compliant

UL Cloud-based Payment Functional Test Suites are a complete set of test suites for mobile payment application developers, card issuers, test labs and anyone that wants to test payment card implementations based on HCE and cloud-based specifications from the major payment schemes.

The UL Cloud-based Payment Functional Test Suites are the perfect tool for testing your payment applications implemented as a mobile device application against payment scheme specifications. The test suites help you in pre-certification and, if allowed by the payment schemes, can be used for self-certification purposes.

At present, the payment schemes develop cloud-based payment product specifications according to their specific business requirements and targeted markets. For this reason, each payment scheme separately publishes their specifications and implements certification procedures. UL offers test suites to test the compliance of your cloud-based payment applications based on the Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express specifications.

Key benefits of UL Cloud-based Functional Test Suites

  • Suitable for pre-certification and self-certification (when allowed by the schemes)
  • Delivers fully automated test execution
  • Provides clear and easily understandable issue reporting
  • Offers qualified and up-to-date with the latest payment scheme specifications
  • Helps to ensure high level of compliance and interoperability

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