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Pre-Reopening Audit™ (PRA)

Before reopening your food service facility after an extended shutdown, consider a food safety audit to ensure you can resume business safely.

Pre-Reopening Audit™ (PRA)

Disasters can strike anytime, forcing some businesses to close for an extended period of time by the order of the health department or other local jurisdictions. But what are some health and safety considerations you should address when preparing to reopen your restaurant or other retail food facility? For example, regulatory agencies such as your local health department may require an inspection before you can resume your business. UL Solutions’ Pre-Reopening Audit™ (PRA) can help you navigate through the various requirements and safety considerations so that you can successfully reopen.

A PRA  is designed for facilities that may have ceased operations for a variety of reasons, such as fires, flooding or other long-term crisis events. Many regulatory agencies require a facility that has been closed for an extended time, usually greater than 30 days, to obtain a special inspection to reinstate a valid health permit. These agencies look for imminent health hazards that may delay or prevent a reopening.

The intent of this audit is to provide a preparation checklist for the facility or test the facility’s readiness for an upcoming re-inspection by a regulatory agency. Backed by UL Solutions’ regulatory expertise in food safety and sanitation, our goal is to help ensure your business reopens as planned without incurring additional costs for repeat re-inspections.

PRA is a specialized solution not intended to replace a normal, routine audit provided by our Everclean® solutions. To get started with a PRA or for more information, contact us today.