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Mobile phone over a terminal being used for a contactless payment
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Mobile Payment Security

Expert guidance and testing solutions for applications, mobile devices, SIM/UICC, eSIM and subscription managers in the M2M, IoT and consumer domains.

The importance of mobile payment security

In an interconnected and cashless world, mobile devices have become command centers and central to our everyday life – we rely on them to operate smoothly and safely. Additionally, mobile payments are being adopted rapidly by consumers and to win these consumers, mobile payment apps must offer trusted security and data protection.

For companies that wish to grow their mobile payment adoption, UL Solutions can help. Glitch-free experiences require excellence throughout the full life cycle of your product development process. We offer expert implementation assistance on reliable, scalable and secure mobile payment solutions, such as OEM Pay — Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, etc. — and smaller, merchant-specific payment methods.We provide expert guidance and testing solutions for applications, mobile devices, SIM/UICC, eSIM and subscription managers in the M2M, IoT and consumer domains.

Our extensive knowledge base in the areas of mobile payments, mobile ticketing, machine-to-machine (M2M), and embedded universal integrated circuit card (eUICC) means that you can rely on us to ease the complexities of evaluating, architecting and deploying your interconnected mobile payment infrastructures.

Coexistence of NFC applications

UL Solutions explains the complexity of the NFC domain and how these challenges can be tackled by NFC service providers and Secure Element issuers.

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Providing mobile payment security solutions

Mobile Pay Acceptance Tool

The Mobile Pay Acceptance Tool (MPAT) ensures new and current solutions in the market can seamlessly accept mobile pay transactions without issues. MPAT supports the UL Pay Terminal Acceptance Test Plan. This UL Pay Terminal Acceptance Test Plan contains the test cases that may be executed by an acquirer or merchant to validate that their terminals can support pays such as Google Pay and Samsung Pay mobile transactions in accordance with the Contactless EMV® behavior, as published by EMVCo.

This objective of this test plan is to prevent acceptance problems with pay devices such as Google Pay and Samsung Pay during a payment in a store. The test cases in the UL Pay Terminal Acceptance Test Plan can be executed for cards from the international Payment Systems: American Express, Discover, Mastercard (including PayPal cards) and Visa.

EMVCO Mobile Type Approval

Current EMVCo Mobile Type Approval qualification program, so-called Phase 2, represents an evolution of the former Test Assessment Summary (TAS) EMVCo Level 1 testing process for contactless mobile devices.

This second phase of the EMVCo mobile product level 1 type approval covers both secure element (SE) and host card emulation (HCE) execution environments and extends the testing scope to include:

  • Analog and digital testing
  • Interoperability testing against a pool of reference EMVCo approved payment terminals
  • Performance testing

Beyond the evaluation of these Level 1 requirements, EMVCo also maintains other Level 2 type approval requirements for Contactless Mobile Payment (CMP) products such as Proximity Payment System Environment (PPSE) and Secure Elements applets in compliance with the EMV Application Activation User Interface (AAUI) / Proximity Payments Systems Environment (PPSE) specifications.

UL Solutions is officially accredited by EMVCo to perform these Level 1 and Level 2 type approval programs for mobile products.

Available options

  • EMVCo L1 Analog and digital testing
  • EMVCo L1 Interoperability testing
  • EMVCo L1 Performance testing
  • EMVCo L2 Proximity Payment System Environment (PPSE) and Application Activation User Interface (AAUI) testing

Work with global mobile payment security experts at UL Solutions

Mobile network operators

UL Solutions’ proven global experts are leaders in areas such as mobile payments, M2M and eUICC. We ease the complexities of evaluating, architecting and deploying secure interoperable devices for mobile network operators.

  • Improved secure and frictionless payments
  • Increased support of technological complexity
  • Increase revenue streams

Handset manufacturers

UL Solutions helps handset manufacturers to build trusted and secure infrastructures to support mobile payments. We combine our deep expertise and experience in trusted security, identity management, regulatory changes and mobile payments to help you take full advantage of emerging opportunities.

  • Improved trusted security without comprising performance
  • Accelerate market adoption by empowering trust
  • Get one step ahead to remain relevant to your clients

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)

OEMs rely on UL Solutions to help them successfully deploy global and local (OEM)-pay implementations. Our expertise with the technology, test plans, and test environment ensure compliance with industry standards and interoperability in the field. We provide physical, in-app and in-browser payment infrastructures as well as an extensive range of handsets, which covers all major vendors to validate all functionality in a live, end-to-end setting.

  • Experienced test analysts in local language and culture
  • Enhanced domestic and international payment acceptance infrastructure and interoperability
  • Increased focus on confidentiality and security

Customers expect a lot, especially when it comes to mobile payments. They need to be easy-to-make, error-free and — most of all — secure. It’s a critical component of building trust, and it’s a critical component to your success. When those solutions involve advanced technology and interoperability requirements, however, those demands can be challenging. For decades, we have worked with technologies that require a deep understanding of virtual payments. Working with us, you can be confident that your machines will be tested and certified to the highest standards and that our team will be ready to support you in any way you need.


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