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IKEA Product Testing Services

Our laboratory in Cabiate, Italy, is an IKEA approved test lab for testing tables, storage units, seating, bed, and mattresses.

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We have the resources to test to several of IKEA’s standards, helping ensure product safety, quality and performance. Our experts are trained to test tables, storage units, seating, beds and mattresses. We know how important it is to meet your deadlines, which is why we offer efficient testing services that focus on quick turnaround times and customer satisfaction.

UL currently has access to an IKEA approved test laboratory in Cabiate, Italy and Marietta, GA. We will be expanding to other locations in the future to better serve your needs.


We are your source for fast and professional service for testing to the following standards:

  • Bedframes and bed bases Domestic Use EN 1725
  • Bedsofas IOS-PRF-0028 and EN 1725
  • Bedsofas IOS-PRF-0028, EN 1725 and EN 1957
  • Bunk beds for domestic use EN 747-1&2:2012+A1:2015
  • Children seating furniture(0~12) mechanical requirements, IOS-PRF-0044, IOS-TM-0014
  • Children seating furniture(0~6) mechanical requirements, IOS-PRF-0040 Section 1&3, IOS-TM-0014
  • Children storage furniture(0~12) mechanical requirements, IOS-PRF-0046
  • Children table(0~12) mechanical requirements, IOS-PRF-0045, IOS-TM-0014
  • Children table(0~6) mechanical requirements, IOS-PRF-0040 Section 1&2, IOS-TM-0014
  • Complete Bed (Bed frame or Bed slats) Domestic Use EN 1725 and IKEA additional testmethods as described in IOS-TM-0008 (AA-297907)
  • Complete Bed (Mattresses and bed frame) Domestic Use EN 1957 and EN 1725
  • Complete Mattresses testing for domestic use EN 1957, EN 1725 and IKEA test methods as described in IOS-TM-0008 (AA-297907)
  • Desks/tables Office Use IOS-PRF-0099
  • Guarantee test beds and mattresses, 10 year
  • Guarantee test seating furniture 10 year as described in IOS-PRF-0028 with listed modification.
  • Hanging small products - strength tests, IOS-TM-0003
  • IOS-PRF-0032 section 1 and section 2 table 2, Storage - domestic use incl. kitchen and bathroom
  • IOS-PRF-0032 section 1, section 2 table 2 and section 2.1, TV-bench - domestic use.
  • IOS-PRF-0033 section 1.1 and 1.2, TV-bench - office use.
  • IOS-PRF-0033 section 1.1, Storage - office use.
  • IOS-PRF-0076 Stability requirements ASTM F2057-17
  • IOS-PRF-0121 Information/marking, stability requirements ASTM F2057-17
  • Mattresses Domestic Use EN 1957
  • Mechanical Requirements - Test Category 1 - Tables Domestic Use - IOS-PRF-0034 section 1.2.1
  • Mechanical Requirements - Test Category 2 - Tables Domestic Use - IOS-PRF-0034 section 1.2.2
  • Mechanical Requirements - Test Category 3 - Tables Domestic Use - IOS-PRF-0034 section 1.2.3
  • Mechanical Requirements - Test Category 4 - Tables Domestic Use - IOS-PRF-0034 section 1.2.4
  • Mechanical Requirements - Test Category 5 - Tables Domestic Use - IOS-PRF-0034 section 1.2.5
  • Mechanical Requirements - Test Category 6 - Tables Domestic Use - IOS-PRF-0034 section 1.2.6
  • Mechanical requirements - Seating - domestic use - IOS-PRF-0028 section 1.1
  • Mechanical requirements - Seating - domestic use - IOS-PRF-0028 section 1.2
  • Mechanical requirements - Seating - domestic use - IOS-PRF-0028 section 1.3 / Test according to IOS-TM-0004.
  • Seating Outdoor Camping Use IOS-PRF-0085 & IOS-PRF-0086
  • Seating Outdoor Contract Use IOS-PRF-0085 & IOS-PRF-0088
  • Seating Outdoor Domestic Use IOS-PRF-0085 & IOS-PRF-0087
  • Seating for Lounge and Public Use ANSI/BIFMA X5.4-2012, IOS-PRF-0112
  • Seating for Office and Non-domestic Use ANSI/BIFMA X5.1-2017, IOS-PRF-0101
  • Seating for Office and Non-domestic Use EN 16139:2013 test severity L1, IOS-PRF-0029
  • Table Outdoor Camping Use IOS-PRF-0090
  • Table Outdoor Contract Use IOS-PRF-0092
  • Table Outdoor Domestic Use IOS-PRF-0091
  • Table for Public General Use IOS-PRF-0035
  • Table for Public Light Use IOS-PRF-0035
  • Work Chair Office Use ANSI/BIFMA X5.1-2017, IOS-PRF-0100
  • Work Chair Office Use EN 1335, IOS-PRF-0027

Why UL

Our IKEA testing services are unparalleled in the industry and can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Our state-of-the-art equipment can test a variety of different products in a variety of different ways — giving you the information you need to verify compliance to IKEA’s standards. We’ll help you gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace by showcasing that your products have passed a series of rigorous tests for quality and performance and have IKEA’s stamp of approval.

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