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EMVCo Terminal Functional Type Approval

Comprehensive testing, certification and validation services from UL help you demonstrate compliance with EMVCo Level 1 and Level 2 specification requirements.

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Global support for EMVCo terminal testing and certification

UL supports development testing, certification testing and formal validation on behalf of the payment schemes to ensure your terminals are compliant with all payment brand requirements. Our experts will guide your through the full certification process and align with the schemes on your behalf, working closely with you on planning test slots and the availability of test systems. Our clear and standardized approach creates an efficient process that helps you reduce time-to-market for your terminals.

EMVCo established the Type Approval process for the testing and approval of payment acceptance devices in accordance with EMV Level 1 and Level 2 specification requirements. The contact and contactless terminal-chip card interfaces must be certified following the EMV Level 1 requirements, including electrical and protocol testing for contact interfaces, and analog and digital testing for contactless interfaces. Terminal kernels must also go through official type approval. This Level 2 certification is managed by EMVCo for contact devices and by the specific schemes for contactless enabled terminals.

UL’s dedicated test facilities for both pre-qualification and formal approval testing services support efficient testing and reliable results. Our laboratories are accredited and use EMVCo qualified testing tools and audited test platforms to perform testing against EMVCo Level 1 and Level 2 contact and contactless requirements.

Available testing and evaluation options:

  • EMVCo Level 1 – Contact
  • EMVCo Level 1 – Contactless
  • EMVCo Level 2 – Contact
  • EMVCo Level 2 – Contactless
  • Mastercard Level 2 – Contactless kernel and performance, combination, integration
  • Visa Contactless kernel and cross testing
  • Visa Level 2 – Contactless
  • China UnionPay

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