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Emergency Response Assessment™ for Food Safety and Sanitation

Activate additional measures to help ensure adherence to food safety and sanitation requirements during a crisis.

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Practicing proper food-handling and sanitation are fundamental to help ensure public health and safety in retail. During a crisis, it is especially critical to adapt quickly to changing guidelines to help keep your employees and customers safe. Our solutions for Emergency Response Assessment™ (ERA) pinpoint opportunities for increased food safety and sanitation measures. Furthermore, our flexible technology offers you the option to receive a virtual audit in the event an in-person visit isn’t possible.

Health and safety solutions for retail and food service business

During this challenging time, it is more important than ever to demonstrate your commitment to maintaining and enhancing food safety and sanitation practices in the retail environment. Leveraging our ERA solutions, we can observe and identify various issues pertaining to cleanliness, hygiene, social distancing and sanitation, and coach you through the steps necessary for implementing improvements. 

Our ERA solutions also offer the following services:

  • Virtual Guided Audit™ (VGA)–when an in-person audit isn’t feasible, we can still perform a food safety audit virtually through a livestream of your facility. Our qualified and experienced auditor will guide you through the flow of a typical audit and provide the same level of coaching and training throughout the audit as you would receive during a traditional physical audit.
  • Pre-Reopening Audit™ (PRA)–when a food facility is ready to reopen after an extended shutdown, we can conduct a food safety audit to confirm that all food preparation and sanitation practices comply with required standards so your facility can safely resume business.

Why UL Solutions

UL Solutions is a respected leader in food safety audits. Conducting more than 65,000 food safety and sanitation audits each year across the United States, consumers and food service operators alike trust our expertise in the industry.

Our highly qualified, experienced team of auditors all hold professional food safety credentials, including Certified Professionals in Food Safety (CP-FS), Registered Sanitarians (RS), and Registered Environmental Health Specialists (REHS).

We offer a comprehensive web-based portal for data analysis, reporting and project status visibility. Our software can integrate with client systems to provide timely access to inspection information, data insights and violation details.