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D Payment Application Specification (D-PAS) End-to-end certification Formal Approval Services (FAS)

D-PAS E2E Certification

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Advantages of D-PAS End-to-End Certification (E2E) with UL Solutions

The D-PAS End-to-End Certification (E2E) helps to ensures the quality of the implementation of contact and contactless Discover EMV on terminals supporting either Discover Network (DN), Diners Club International (DCI) or PULSE.

Discover requires acquirers introducing a new terminal to complete the D-PAS E2E Formal Approval Services,and obtain an approval indicating that the POS terminal, ATM or mPOS device is Discover approved for Discover Network, Diners Club DCI or PULSE.

Terminal applications (either EMV contact, contactless mag stripe or contactless EMV) are checked to confirm:

  • The acquirer has selected a terminal compatible with their requirements.
  • The terminal used by the acquirer is still “in line” with the approved kernels.
  • Discover requirements and brand settings are correct.
  • Each terminal application is tested, once integrated in the environment in which it will be used.

UL Solutions can perform testing to all of these requirements for your payment terminals, supporting you through the entire D-PAS E2E Certification, from test execution to formal approval.

Key benefits

  • One partner to support you in all certification needs
  • Quality assurance of the implementation of contact and contactless Discover EMV on terminals
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