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China Compulsory Certification (CCC) Workshops

Let us help you understand the CCC requirements to ease market access into China.

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For many products imported, sold or used in China, the CCC Mark is required and codified in law. The mark covers more than 150 product types, including information technology equipment, household appliances, motor vehicles, motorcycles, vehicle parts, safety glass, lighting apparatus, and cables and wires. If your product falls within one of these categories, an active certificate must be maintained. We’re available to help you avoid confusion, remain compliant, and become well-versed with the regulatory landscape in China.

Our knowledge is our strength

With regulatory experts located around the world, we’re equipped to help your company understand the ins and outs of market access. For the CCC Mark, we offer one-, two- and three-day educational service workshops. Each workshop introduces the CCC certification, covers the implementation rules and explains quality system requirements. Specifics regarding required records, documentation and testing are also included, specific to your industry. Workshops are customized for your needs and can include a quality manual review, mock audit, evaluation of factory documentation and a list of observations which provides a gap analysis, or other topics based on your unique needs.


In addition to gaining access to our broad market access expertise regarding complicated CCC requirements and developing a solid understanding of expectations for the mark, benefits include:

  • Easier mark maintenance understand how to maintain CCC certification
  • Increased success possible elimination or reduction of nonconformances
  • On-site convenience educational service provided at your location
  • Group training teaching more than one person helps you avoid a sudden lapse of knowledge through attrition

You can benefit from our experience and close working relationship with Chinese product certification bodies. We’ll expertly guide you through the complexities of CCC certification.

Why UL Solutions

The training, advisory services and workplace health and safety software solutions from UL Solutions Knowledge Services are designed to keep you and your company informed, safer, healthier, more efficient and more effective. We’re committed to creating safe working and living environments and understanding that knowledge creates new opportunities, better business results, a stronger workforce and a true sense of accomplishment. We empower the people who make the world a safer place.