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Certificated Agency Program Certification Services

Our Certificated Agency Program communicates that your services have been thoroughly vetted and reinforces confidence that you will work as an effective third party on your client’s behalf.

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During the product certification process, some manufacturers use a third-party agency to work with us on their behalf. Since agencies have different levels of expertise and business experience, however, their ability to help customers can vary greatly.

As it stands today, the global product certification industry does not have a program or criteria to determine an agency’s competency level. Without that information, how is a manufacturer supposed to trust that you, their agent, will truly deliver on your marketing claims?

That’s where we can help. Our Certificated Agency Program promotes a distinct, global standard of service quality and expertise. Receiving certification showcases that your services have been thoroughly vetted.

The Certificated Agency Program involves a fee-free application, an evaluation of past product certification work with UL and an initial audit of your facilities, processes and record-keeping.

Upon successful completion, you will receive:

  • The Certificated Agency Program certificate, valid for three years
  • Listing in UL’s Online Certifications Directory (category AACA)
  • Use of the Certificated Agency Program symbol on marketing materials


To become a Certificated Agency Program candidate, you must have already worked with us for several years as a regular agent. We evaluate eligibility based on:

  • Sufficient amount of work submitted to UL for customers
  • Positive feedback from UL staff with whom they have worked
  • Good reputation within the testing, inspection and certification industry
  • Adherence and commitment to ethical business practices

If determined to be eligible for the program, we will work with you to complete the necessary due diligence, such as ethics review, legal agreement and initial audit.


Hundreds of agencies compete globally to provide value-added product certification services to manufacturers and product developers. Our trusted credentialing program can help agencies strengthen their competitive edge by serving as a key differentiator in a crowded marketplace.

Additionally, while we won’t recommend a specific agency to customers, we do recommend that customers who want help from an agency work with a Certificated Agency Program agency.

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Our Certificated Agency Program is a well-established way for you to differentiate yourself in the marketplace.

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