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Cabinet and Laboratory Equipment Testing

Offering special testing to help verify that products are durable and meet industry performance guidelines.

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Cabinetry and laboratory equipment requires special testing to ensure that products are durable and meet industry performance guidelines. We have the expertise to test cabinetry products. We have one of the only American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) accredited test labs in the United States for Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA) standards. KCMA testing standards are nationally recognized American National Standards Institute (ANSI) test methods that demonstrate product durability and help you determine if your products will stand up to years of household use.


By using accredited third-party test labs such as our Jasper, Indiana, facility, you can demonstrate that your cabinets and laboratory equipment are durable, high performing and will stand up to years of use in high-traffic facilities. When components or designs change, we can test new finishes, new components, methods of construction, glues and assembly techniques to identity potential performance issues before they become a problem.

You will receive a detailed test report with photographs of test setups and benefit from our expertise and quick turnaround times. You can rely on us for quick turnaround times, typically two to three days.

We can evaluate cabinets for:

  • Hot and cold check resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Detergent and water resistance
  • Metal cabinet rust resistance
  • Observation procedures
  • Door operation tests
  • Drawer operation tests
  • Finish testing, including general testing
  • Shrinkage and heat resistance
  • Testing to ANSI/KCMA A161.1-2012 including sections 4 and 9, including hardware testing
  • Testing to all aspects of ANSI/KCMA A161.1-2012 tests 5, 6, and 7, including structural tests for cabinets

We also offer GREENGUARD Certification, which tests and certifies products for low chemical emissions into indoor air. We can test to Scientific Equipment and Furniture Association (SEFA) standards, and offer testing for UL 65, the Standard for Safety for Wired Cabinets, and UL 962, the Standard for Safety of Household and Commercial Furnishings.

Why UL

We have been testing for safety since 1894 and are one of the only A2LA accredited test laboratories in the United States for KCMA standards.

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