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Binary Check™

Binary code analysis and vulnerability management

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Apply security early in your product, application or system development life cycle with automated security and compliance testing

During the development phase, binary code analysis and vulnerability detection can help connected device stakeholders prevent attacks, speed up security and compliance checks of third-party, open-source components and their own implementations for faster time to market. In the operational phase, vulnerability monitoring and management can help connected device stakeholders prevent attacks and maintain their device’s security posture by tracking and remediating vulnerabilities as they emerge.


Benefits for connected device stakeholders

Connected device stakeholders face increasingly sophisticated cybersecurity challenges in today’s highly connected world. Leverage our Binary Check solution to help you.

Checklist icon
Easily generate a Software Bill of Materials (SBOM)
Vulnerability icon
Detect and manage known, unknown vulnerabilities in your own or third-party firmware, application, or system implementations for faster remediation
Compliance icon
Obtain a security compliance readiness analysis on industry-leading standards, including ISO/SAE 21434, UNECE W.29, IEC 62443-4-1, IEC 62443-4-2, and ETSI 303 645
Hitting the target icon
Gain clarity on where you stand and what you need to improve on


What is UL Solutions’ Binary Check solution?

Binary Check is a solution providing self-service binary code analysis and vulnerability management to device manufacturers, suppliers, and system integrators for firmware, applications, systems in development and in the field. The following assessments can be performed:

  • Software Composition Analysis (SCA) and Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) Generation
  • Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs)
  • Unknown vulnerabilities (zero-day vulnerabilities)
  • Security compliance readiness analysis with supported standards and guidelines across verticals including UL Solutions' IoT Security Rating, ETSI 303 645, ISO/SAE 21434, IEC 62443 4-2, and more

What is the process?

Product security and development teams can self-register on the SafeCyber™ platform and choose a service plan with a dedicated number of credits based on their needs.


Annual subscription plans

Customers can choose among the following annual subscription plans. Each plan has credits allowing customers to perform several assessments mentioned above based on their needs.


  Standard Pro Premium Enterprise
Number of credits Up to
10 credits
per month
Up to
25 credits
per month
Up to
50 credits
per month
More than
50 credits
per month
Vulnerability management Yes Yes Yes Yes
Continuous vulnerability monitoring Yes Yes Yes Yes
Jira integration Yes Yes Yes Yes


Scans and assessments


Scans and assessments Cost
Software Composition Analysis (SCA) + SBOM Generation (for 1 binary package)
Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs)
3 credits
Zero-Days 1 credit
Compliance Readiness 1 credit


Subscription T&Cs
  • Subscription plans are billed annually.
  • Monthly credits accrue on the first of each month, credits can accumulate during the twelve (12) month subscription, and credits may be used until the last day of the twelve (12) month subscription. Credits are only valid during the twelve (12) month subscription term and expire after the annual subscription term ends.
  • Additional credits can be purchased outside of subscription plans by bundles of five (5) credits.
Use of credits:
  • Software composition analysis and SBOM Generation credits can only be applied to one binary package.

  • One zero-day assessment credit can only be applied to one binary package.

  • Credits for one binary package are used once per annual subscription for continuous monitoring and detection of vulnerabilities during the annual subscription term.

  • Compliance readiness assessment credits are only applicable to binary packages for which Software Composition Analysis, SBOM Generation, CVEs and zero-day assessments have been done.

  • Several compliance readiness assessment credits can be applied on one binary package


Industry-specific standards supported


Industry Standards
General security
  • SANS Top 25
  • 2020 CWE Top 25
  • OWASP Top Ten 2017
  • Singapore CLS
  • Backdoor Analysis
Secure coding
  • MISRA C:2012
  • CERT C 2016 AUTOSAR C++14
  • IPA ESCR C 3.0
  • High Integrity C++ (HIC ++)
  • JSF AV C++
  • BARR-C:2018
Legal and privacy
  • GDPR
Consumer IoT
  • ETSI TS 303 645
  • UL MCV 1376 (UL Solutions’ IoT Security Rating labels)
  • California Senate Bill No. 327
  • Oregon House Bill 2395
Automotive standards
  • ISO/SAE 21434
  • UNECE WP.29
  • UNECE WP.29 Annex 5B
Automotive best practices
  • ENISA Automotive Security Practices
Medical device guidance
  • FDA/Medical Devices (Draft/Oct 2018)
Industrial IoT
  • IEC 62443-3-3 
  • IEC 62443-4-1
  • IEC 62443-4-2

Download a Binary Check fact sheet

Binary Check is for product security and development teams at device manufacturers, suppliers or system integrators developing connected products and looking to speed up firmware, application or system development turnaround time while addressing vulnerabilities and ensuring security and compliance readiness with the latest standards and regulations.

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Start applying security early in your product, application or system development with Binary Check today

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