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Secure and Connected Technologies

Enhancing the interoperability, usability and security of interconnected systems requires a holistic approach that includes people, technologies and all the ways they intersect. We empower innovation while working to reduce the risks.

Safeguarding the connected world

Connected technology can help us be smarter, safer and more efficient, and make life more enjoyable. But we have also created a world in which a single smart lightbulb can harbor a vulnerability that can compromise an entire network.

New products and features are leading a wave of innovation across industries.  And legacy products with core functionalities are being reimagined as entirely new smart products, systems and ecosystems. Therefore, the strategies we employ to secure devices, networks and data must also evolve.

Securing the Internet of Things (IoT) and distributed systems means hardening a seemingly infinite number of end points and interactions. Protecting interconnected systems from exploitable vulnerabilities is crucial. Security is not a project; it is an ongoing process. We help manufacturers, retailers, healthcare and financial services providers, regulators and end users to confront this challenge with expertise and services that span the entire security life cycle.

Ensuring system interoperability

Customers have high expectations and want products that are simple to use, reliable, and compatible with their existing high-functioning electronic devices. How do manufacturers deliver that experience to every customer, every time?

Networking is one of the most important considerations that manufacturers have to consider when designing their IoT devices. The choice of different wireless technologies has evolved with IoT. Once an IoT device is designed to a particular protocol, you need to ensure it can perform to the protocol standard.

Out-of-the-box interoperability minimizes time to market and improves customer satisfaction. UL is an accredited test laboratory for many wireless and IoT standards organizations. UL can help manufacturers conduct individual IoT certification testing or create a test plan for all relevant use cases.

Optimizing real-world usability

UL utilizes a reality-based approach to interoperability testing. We go further than testing to industry specifications by evaluating how your product performs together with a variety of consumer products. We test them as part of a complete communication system - the way customers really use them.

By utilizing UL’s testing expertise, incorporating human factors research into design and identifying problems early, you may be able to reduce product returns, improve customer satisfaction and the wireless experience, help drive increased sales, build consumer confidence and reinforce your brand’s trusted reputation.

Our specialist interoperability testing helps businesses worldwide ensure their products connect to other devices and offer the functionality that consumers expect.

Building trust

UL empowers trust in the marketplace by helping manufacturers and brands improve the security of connected products and systems through its full suite of cybersecurity solutions. These services are designed to help organizations understand and manage their risks, secure their products and protect their brand trust.

Our strategic solutions address current and emerging connected technology needs. When you fully understand the risks and capabilities involved with interconnectivity, you can start truly maximizing your product innovation.  You can count on UL’s knowledge of best practices, insights and support to help keep you ahead of the curve on evolving regulatory and industry needs, as well as the innovation possibilities that connected technologies provide.                  

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