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Supply Chain Traceability

Effectively manage and mitigate risk.

Sustainability Process Management

Collect accurate data from across the supply chain.

Responsible Sourcing

Easily monitor social and environmental performance.

Payment Security & Mobile Payments

Deploy new technology with confidence.

Cyber Security

Harden data defenses against security breaches.

Digital Enablement

Meet customer demand for new services.

Workplace Safety

Protect the business’s most valuable assets.

Product Testing,
Verification and Inspection

Expedite access to the global retail marketplace.


Supply chains today are large and dynamic, with partners frequently entering and leaving the chain – each with their own set of suppliers. Maintaining oversight of a complex supply chain is demanding and drains internal resources. But without a comprehensive and effective management plan in place, retailers put their brand reputation at risk.


Our supply chain solution provides a streamlined way to collect data necessary to help ensure products align with quality, safety and sustainability practices and codes of conduct. With UL’s solution, retailers can:

  • Easily collect critical data from suppliers, including code of conduct surveys and performance metrics for scope 3 reporting.
  • More easily identify and remediate potential risks in the supply chain.
  • Drive improvement by summarizing performance data for suppliers, utilizing user-friendly dashboards.


Corporate responsibility (CR) and sustainability reporting is a fundamental part of doing business in today’s markets. Stakeholders and consumers demand transparency. But collecting, storing and securing data from across the enterprise, along with developing a consistent reporting process, is often a tough task.


UL’s sustainability process management solution streamlines the process of gathering accurate data centrally and/or across regions and business units. Our solution also enables easier data analytics analysis and reporting for audits, compliance requirements, annual CR and sustainability reports. With UL’s solution, retailers can:

  • Rely on data quality checks to help ensure information is reliable and actionable.
  • Have complete audit trails to support external assurance for CR reporting.
  • Create customizable, exportable charts and tables to view data.


Retailers need to manage a broad range of sourcing concerns in all of the communities and ecosystems where they do business. Depending on the line of business, these issues may include working conditions, environmental concerns and materials acquisition to risk management, security and brand protection.


UL supports our customers’ drive to create safer living and working environments and drive sustainable advantages within the global supply chain. Our solutions include services that help to establish, assess, track and measure supply chain sustainability programs in these six key areas:

  • Capacity building and continuous improvement.
  • Environmental responsibility.
  • Extractives and raw materials sourcing.
  • Risk identification and management
  • Security and brand protection.
  • Social Responsibility and Accountability.


Retailers are tasked with the responsibility to keep payment data details secure. To mitigate the risk of data breaches and help avoid card fraud liability, retailers are typically required to comply with security standards such as EMV and PCI.


From determining compliance needs and platform migration strategies to help in obtaining necessary payment card system certifications, UL provides a comprehensive portfolio of services to the retail industry. Our payment security solutions include:

  • Support for achieving compliance to the PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), including training, security evaluations and certifications.
  • Support for achieving compliance to the EMV standard, from determining scope, testing and obtaining certifications for the major payment schemes and industry organizations (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, Union Pay International, EMVCo).


Any industry that processes financial data is at risk of being targeted by cyber criminals. Retail, especially due to the industry’s efforts to meet growing consumer demand for online and omnichannel services, is particularly attractive to data thieves. Consequently, cyber-attacks aimed at retail businesses are becoming more persistent and sophisticated.


UL helps retailers to minimize cyber security risks by assessing software vulnerabilities and weaknesses, addressing known malware and emerging threats, reviewing security controls and increasing security awareness with training. Our solution includes:

  • UL’s Cybersecurity Assurance Program’s (CAP), with comprehensive risk assessments and security evaluations across the entire network ecosystem.
  • Support in evaluating the security posture of the supply chain.
  • Help in determining applicable scope and presence of applicable security controls for regulatory compliance efforts, including EMV and the PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).


Providing consumers with a variety of payment options makes good business sense. But launching a secure mobile “wallet” payment system such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay, or adding new capabilities to the existing Near-field Communications (NFC) mobile payment service deployment, is often a complex task.


UL offers retailers a fully integrated and automated test tool to facilitate process management and testing of the digitization of payment cards according to the requirements of MasterCard and Visa. The solution supports fast, secure deployment of NFC systems, and is updated frequently to adhere to the latest issuer specifications.


Retailers are vitally concerened about the safety and health of their most vitial assett: employees. But the complicated processes required to meet safe workspace expectations and requirements - such as incident management, occupational health offerings, environmental safety and training - can present a challenge.


UL provides solutions to support retailers in their drive to protect the health and safety of employees, including:

  • Training - including online courses and workshops - aimed at raising employees’ safety awareness.
  • Management, analytical, learning and reporting tools that provide the increased visibility needed to help manage and demonstrate health and safety compliance efforts.
  • Software solutions for comprehensive management of the organizations’ safety and occupational health programs.


The global market offers exciting new ways to create sustainable revenue streams. But to fully leverage these opportunities retailers must ensure that products offered for sale meet all applicable regulations. Managing quality assurance across the value chain, and gaining traceable transparency into business processes, has never been a more critical or complex challenge.


From sustainability to performance, regulatory compliance to quality checks, marketing claims verifications to brand protection programs and much more, UL helps retailers develop full-cycle programs to drive innovation, quality, and consistency into their products to gain and maintain consumer preference across all distribution channels and markets. Our solutions for success in the global retail marketplace include:

  • Quality assurance checks and inspection programs, conducted on-site or in UL laboratories
  • Testing, verification and guidance to meet regulatory requirements
  • Market access services to help develop presence in the global market


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  • Walmart
  • Staples
  • Amazon
  • Home Depot
  • Kmart
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