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Retail compliance

Retail Compliance

For retailers who imports products into the United States

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Are you a retailer who imports products into the United States? Do you have private label products?

If you are a retailer and have private label products, there are U.S. state-level regulations with labeling or substance-based requirements that you might have to comply with.

If you are a retailer and import products into the United States, under the U.S. Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) you have recordkeeping and reporting obligations, and may be responsible for sharing Risk Evaluation fees.

There are also impending regulations that could impact you in the future.

Regulatory compliance is complex.

Navigating chemical regulations is complex. It requires a deep knowledge of both national and state regulations, combined with expert analysis and accurate interpretation.

You want to avoid costly delays in getting your products to market, and stay well away from the financial, legal and reputational costs of non-compliance.

UL can help.

With world-class regulatory specialists, expertly curated data and fast, accurate software tools, UL can help you ensure compliance, avoid market disruptions and protect your brand from damage.

UL retail compliance can help

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