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UL Solutions Evaluates Tap2Pay Software Point-of-Sale Solution

WIZZIT Digital evaluated its Tap2Pay SoftPOS solution against Mastercard and Visa’s specific functional and security requirements and standards.

Snapshot of a credit card used on WIZZIT Digital’s Tap2Pay solution.

Contactless payments continue to thrive globally, driven by such critical factors as more significant safety, quicker transactions and better user experience. Mobile point of sale (mPOS) and software point of sale (SoftPOS) systems are being increasingly adopted, especially across emerging markets, such as Brazil, India, Mexico, Pakistan and South Africa. Companies are looking to build technologies to help solve merchants’ and buyers’ needs in the retail industry.

A provider of high-tech mobile payment solutions, WIZZIT Digital, created the Tap2Pay SoftPOS solution, a new payment acceptance system that runs on a commercial off the-shelf (COTS) mobile device with the added security of a personal identification number (PIN). To get its Tap2Pay SoftPOS solution to reach global markets, WIZZIT needed to evaluate it against Mastercard and Visa schemes’ specific functional and security requirements and standards.

WIZZIT Digital trusted UL Solutions to start performing security and functional testing. A few months later, the Tap2Pay SoftPOS solution was verified by UL Solutions and recognized by Mastercard and Visa.

“The UL’s Security team gave us tremendous support and guidance throughout the project. They are very experienced in the certification field. UL helped us go–to-market with a trusted solution.”

  • Brian Richardson, CEO and co-founder, WIZZIT Digital
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UL Evaluates Global Software Point-of-Sale Solutions with PIN Entry

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