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Schneider Electric Battles Product Counterfeiting with Custom Training

Schneider Electric collaborated with UL Solutions to reduce product counterfeiting by creating an innovative online training program for global law enforcement and customs officials.

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Schneider Electric is aware of the threat that counterfeit products pose to its brand, customer satisfaction and trust. As a result, Schneider Electric and UL Solutions partnered to create an eLearning module for international customs officials. The training course is focused on identifying one type of counterfeited product and who to contact within Schneider if these types of products are suspected.

The Challenge

Schneider was experiencing a large number of APC brand UPS products being counterfeited in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. It had limited methods to reach customs officials globally with a consistent message and also needed to train their investigators and attorneys. Schneider required an efficient method to educate a number of officers from different regions, the ability to update materials when necessary and useful leave-behind materials after onsite training courses.

UL Solutions' Response

UL Solutions worked with Schneider to develop and launch a customized anti-counterfeiting eLearning course that would be housed on the International IP Crime Investigators College site and be made available free of charge to a targeted group of law enforcement officials.


Together, Schneider and UL Solutions created the eLearning module focused on identifying counterfeit products. This solution helped to solve Schneider’s training challenge.

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Schneider Electric battles product counterfeiting with customized training

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