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Foodservice Safety Reopening Checklist

Safely reopen your foodservice business, grocery store or restaurant, and protect your employees and customers with the help of these suggested guidelines and resources from UL Solutions experts.

Foodservice worker following safety guidelines and wearing proper safety equipment
Foodservice infographic

Protecting the safety of employees, customers and facilities is a priority for companies as they move to reopen, recalibrate operations and drive growth after a crisis. UL Solutions offers the following suggested guidelines for safely resuming operations of food service, grocery stores and restaurants. 

Safety checklist for food service, grocery stores and restaurants

  1. Place hand sanitizing stations at all entryways. 
  2. Maintain at least 6 feet between guests and parties of guests at all times, including waiting lines and seated areas.
  3. Place barriers at each point-of-service or register.
  4. Wipe down high contact surfaces at predetermined intervals.
  5. Cover all front-of-house (FOH) food and beverages, e.g., water pitchers.
  6. Require all staff to wear masks or face coverings and gloves consistent with local policy and jurisdictional guidance.
  7. Place food and food contact table settings, e.g., condiments, flatware and glassware, after guests are seated.
  8. Clean and sanitize pens at point-of-service or registers and separate from used pans.
  9. Place hand sanitizers and wastebaskets by the door in all restrooms.
  10. Use disposable food handling utensils instead of reusable food handled tools, e.g., use deli tissues instead of tongs. 
  11. Establish a handwashing policy for staff.
  12. Establish a cleaning schedule for common gathering areas, e.g., restrooms, waiting areas and lobbies.
  13. Use paper towels when turning on a sink or opening doors.
  14. Place signage throughout facilities regarding hygiene, social distancing, traffic flow and proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) use.

Additional resources for foodservice safety

Always review and follow local health guidelines, building codes and regulations when resuming operations in your facility. 

Downloadable safety checklists


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