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Commercial Displays: How to mitigate risks and safety hazards

Sales person standing next to consumer electronics display in retail store

Attractive and well-designed commercial displays can provide retailers with important advantages in an increasingly competitive retail environment. From traditional display cases showcasing luxury goods to standalone kiosks that demonstrate how a product is used, effective commercial displays can make it easier for consumers to find the product or product information they’re seeking, directly supporting the retail sales effort.

At the same time, modern commercial displays pose a number of potential risks to both retail workers and consumers that must be considered and evaluated.

This on-demand webinar presents the general safety issues related to displays used in retail and commercial settings, and the importance of selecting displays that have been evaluated and safety certified for their intended use.

Key topics:

  • Role of commercial displays in stores and potential risks
  • How commercial displays are regulated
  • Benefits of certified commercial displays
  • UL Standards for commercial displays
  • New safety solutions for the quickly evolving commercial display marketplace

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