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PCMark 10

Test and compare the performance of Windows PCs with PCMark 10, the complete benchmark for the modern office.

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PCMark 10 is a popular benchmarking application for Windows PCs, because it measures PC performance using tests based on real-world applications and activities. In PCMark 10, these tests include browsing websites, video chat, writing and spreadsheets, photo and video editing and other everyday activities.

PCMark 10 is easy to install and run and doesn’t require complicated configurations. Once you run the main benchmark, you'll get a PCMark 10 score that you can use to compare systems. Comparing benchmark scores is far easier than comparing technical specifications. 

With its accurate and impartial tests, PCMark 10 is the ideal choice for organizations that want to evaluate and choose new PCs for a workforce with a range of performance needs. 

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Discover how the IT hardware standardization team at a Global 2000 company used PCMark 10 for hardware evaluation.

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