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LearnShare: An Enterprise Learning Management System

The complete learning management system for your enterprise.

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Achieve enterprise-wide employee compliance training and reduce business risk with UL Solutions’ LearnShare ELMS, a platform delivering a personalized learning pathway for individual users.

An adaptive ELMS platform for every learning experience

  • Establish, tailored compliance training and competency programs for your entire workforce with the LearnShare ELMS Adaptive UX
  • Accommodate specific skill programs of multiple departments using data-driven, role-specific user experiences
  • Capture and manage your entire talent ecosystem, including compliance training, performance and competency, through a single, powerful view

Deliver the right training to the right people at the right time

  • Implement modern learning techniques with built-in collaboration to increase learning effectiveness and engagement
  • Allow learners to choose how they want to learn:  video, eBooks, micro-learning, instructor-led, blended learning, collaborative/team learning and more
  • Use the LearnShare ELMS “smart search” technology against any modality in any format – including video transcription, indexing, tracking, and streaming – to retrieve the specific content you need in context
  • Deliver automated role-based employee training to ensure compliance and qualification

Upskill employees to competency and stay compliant using a modern enterprise learning management system

  • Elevate performance and competency management beyond HR and closer to where the work actually happens
  • Empower managers with an easy-to-use toolset to identify skill gaps and accelerate delivery of job-specific learning to improve front-line performance
  • UL Solutions LearnShare ELMS builds compliance training and competency framework to power an agile, correctly skilled workforce

Get more from our LearnShare ELMS platform

Add-on any of these modules to your existing ELMS

Knowledge and skill assessment tools

As part of an employee or contractor qualification process, it’s critical that quality assurance teams and qualified personnel capture the skills and knowledge of every individual.

Competency management tools

Our competency management solutions combine real-world expertise with innovative technology, so that companies can drive professional growth opportunities for all employee levels, from the shop floor to the executive floor.

Performance management tools

Performance appraisals are quickly becoming ongoing exercises, rather than one-time events. The platform’s configuration options make this a reality, as you can make the system easily align with your continuous performance appraisal process.

Social learning tools

UL Solutions’ social learning tools help organizations build “sharing communities” that are secured and dynamic, enabling users to share their knowledge and expertise with others in a secure community. Our platform’s interface supports social media users, enabling employees to access expertise from a peer in-the-moment.

Market solutions

We understand where you are, where you’re going and what you want the outcomes to be. Our team brings proven expertise, along with the right mix of capabilities, to deliver the complete learning solution to meet your current needs and to support your organizations’ ongoing journey.

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