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Test and compare the real-time graphics performance of Windows PCs and mobile devices with 3DMark, the gamer’s benchmark.

A video game character standing in a demolished city.

3DMark is not only used throughout the PC industry, it is used by hundreds of press publications and millions of consumers around the world to benchmark and compare the performance of the latest gaming PCs and mobile devices. With its wide-range of benchmark tests, 3DMark has everything you need to test the gaming performance of Windows PCs, laptops, notebooks and tablets.

3DMark video

DirectX 12 benchmark tests
  • Time Spy – DirectX 12 benchmarks for gaming PCs
  • Night Raid – DirectX 12 test for integrated graphics
  • Port Royal – Real-time ray tracing benchmark
DirectX 11 benchmark tests
  • Fire Strike – DirectX 11 benchmarks for gaming PCs
  • Sky Diver – DirectX 11 test for integrated graphics
DirectX Legacy benchmark tests
  • Cloud Gate – For DirectX 10 compatible notebooks and home PCs 
  • Ice Storm – For DirectX 9 compatible notebooks and tablets.
Feature tests
  • NVIDIA DLSS feature test – Compare DLSS performance and image quality
  • API Overhead feature test – Compare the latest graphics APIs
  • Stress tests – Check the stability of your system