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Partnerships and Education

Combating IP crime through public and private sector partnerships

UL Solutions’ Outreach & Capacity Building team supports initiatives designed to strengthen public and private sector efforts to combat counterfeiting and piracy crime.

This innovative program brings together law enforcement agencies worldwide with private sector groups, to deliver innovative anti-counterfeiting programs, including:

  • International Law Enforcement IP Crime Conference in partnership with INTERPOL
  • UL Solutions Brand Protection Conferences
  • Regional IP Crime Seminars and Events
  • International IP Crime Investigators College (

In addition, the Outreach & Capacity Building team provides:

Anti-counterfeiting workshops

UL Solutions offers small, interactive 1-2 day workshops that provide counterfeit product identification training. These workshops deliver integrated training and information about enforcement operations targeting specific product categories in specific geographic locations.

Brand protection workshops

UL Solutions offers private, intensive and individualized 1-3 day training sessions focused on sharing best practices that help our customers and other rights holders’ establish new brand protection programs or strengthen existing ones. These workshops are led by experienced brand protection experts with the support from a select number of specialized service providers and law enforcement partners.

Training modules

UL Solutions offers e-Learning development services that can be used to create your custom product identification training course. Your custom course can be integrated into the International IP Crime Investigators College (IIPCIC) curriculum and made available to the college’s thousands of registered law enforcement learners around the world. The courses are free of charge for law enforcement, can be available in multiple languages and are accessible 24 hours a day.

International IP Crime Investigators College

An INTERPOL initiative in cooperation with UL Solutions empowering IP crime investigators through borderless education.

IIPCIC is a joint initiative of UL Solutions and INTERPOL, and the premier anti-counterfeiting training center for global law enforcement, regulatory authorities and private sector investigators. The core curriculum consists of 14 in-depth IP protection courses, which provide the critical knowledge needed to combat current and emerging threats from IP criminals.

IIPCIC has also developed and launched private sector e-learning modules that provide rights holders the opportunity to design and integrate their training materials, including product identification tools, within IIPCIC’s online curriculum. These specialized modules can be made available to the entire IIPCIC law enforcement community or restricted to a more limited audience.

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