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Power Distribution Products and Systems Services

Driving global research to continually advance and meet the ever-evolving product safety, performance and interoperability needs of the power distribution market.

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The distribution of electricity has existed for more than a century and spans across both the utility and customer premise jurisdictions. We help ensure the delivery of safe, reliable and affordable electricity to a majority of the world. And while this ecosystem has served humanity well, the systems and devices that support everyday, modern living are undergoing rapid innovation right before our eyes.

In the developed world, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is changing the way we generate, distribute and use electricity. Two-way communication flow enables smarter and more efficient use of resources and gives more control to customers on how, and when, they use electricity. In the developing world, distributed energy resources (DER) and distributed generation (DG), often in the form of renewable energy, are bringing reliable electricity to citizens for the first time.

The modernization of electricity distribution is exposing grid operators, regulators, suppliers and consumers to new opportunities and challenges. Product suppliers now need to meet a new set of IIoT related requirements, such as cybersecurity and interoperability. The influx of DER and renewable energy is increasing demand for proven technologies that can interconnect with the grid in a mutually beneficial way. The advent of data analytics and artificial intelligence is changing the way system operators and consumers are making critical decisions, often without human intervention. And smart distribution devices are being adopted in smart homes and smart cities at an unprecedented rate.

As our electricity distribution systems continue to evolve and innovate technically, the need for safety, security and reliability remains of utmost importance. However, now understanding how new technologies and smart systems change the safety landscape is critical to meeting your customers’ needs.


We drive global research and standards to continually advance and meet ever-evolving product safety, performance and interoperability needs. Our global network of technical experts and state-of-the-art facilities, with our long-standing relationships with regulatory authorities, partner laboratories and industry technical leaders can help you gain the compliance credentials you need to compete in a more complex global supply chain.

Why UL

We offer:

  • Rigorous evaluation processes that can help you better understand risk
  • Experience in energy yield assessments and projections for renewable energy products and systems
  • State-of-the-art renewable energy forecasting for centralized and distributed solar generation and wind facilities
  • Services to manage and mitigate the impact of variable generation on grid operations
  • Ability to synthesize high-quality generation data that captures seasonal and diurnal generation patterns, power ramp behavior and resource variability on time scales from seconds to years
  • Due diligence and independent engineering for major banks, financial institutions and insurance companies
  • Worldwide leadership in safety science, performance testing and certification of electrical products and components
  • Technical expertise found around the globe, available when and where you need it most
  • Broad knowledge of local and national standards and codes making us a valuable resource to regulators
  • Globally accredited laboratories for component and system testing and certification
  • Certification trusted by more consumers in North America than any other safety mark, empowering a commitment to safety for both manufacturers and regulators

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