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Everclean Food Safety and Hygiene Solutions

Food safety is not only a critical factor in the success of your business, it is also a primary concern for your customers. Our solutions help safeguard the quality and integrity of your business by promoting best practices in your workplace.

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The spread of foodborne illness is a key business risk and consumer concern. Our Everclean solutions can help you safeguard the quality and integrity of the food services you provide. Our team of food safety and hygiene experts have one goal in mind — to help you identify and correct potential hazards before they result in an outbreak. That’s why our audits read less like a regulatory checklist and more like a guide on how to improve your business. Our auditors will work with you to document areas of opportunity, recommend best practices, offer real-time coaching advice, and provide employee training. 

Our Everclean solutions help you deliver the highest level of food safety and hygiene through our unique service offerings, including:

  • Food safety audits
  • Pest inspections
  • Brand standards audits
  • Behavioral audits
  • Food safety trainings
  • Hazard analysis and critical control points
  • Organic inspections
  • Weights and measures


The cost of foodborne illness outbreaks in the U.S. can range from a couple thousand dollars to a couple million1. Our Everclean solutions can help ensure that a food safety outbreak doesn’t impact your business or your brand. We’ll teach you how to stay in front of questionable employee hygiene habits and implement food safety best-practices in an effort to help mitigate the risk of an outbreak happening in one of your retail food locations.

We’ve also pioneered new technology in the food safety and sanitation space to help you access critical data sooner. Our dedicated Everclean web portal allows you to review potential issues that we found from our audit as soon as they are discovered. This enables you to take minimal corrective actions before a major disaster occurs, and if those actions consist of employee training, we’ll help you organize and conduct the appropriate classes.

Why UL

Nationwide footprint — We conduct more than 65,000 food safety and sanitation audits across the U.S. every year, which is why you can trust our experts with your most precious commodity:  your brand’s reputation.

Highly qualified auditors — You’ll receive best-in-class customer service and knowledge sharing from our qualified auditors, who are college graduates with professional food safety credentials, such as certified professionals in food safety (CP-FS), registered sanitarians (RS), or registered environmental health specialists (REHS).

Innovative technology — You’ll have access to our comprehensive web-based portal for data analysis, reporting and project status visibility. Our software can integrate with your systems to provide timely access to inspection information, data insights and violation details.


  1. Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Estimated Cost to a Restaurant of a Foodborne Illness Outbreak. April 2018.

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