NORTHBROOK, Ill., — June 30, 2011 (Revised July 21, 2011) – UL (Underwriters Laboratories) is notifying consumers and retailers that the power adapters identified below, bear unauthorized UL Marks for the United States and Canada. These adapters have not been evaluated by UL to the appropriate standard for safety for the United States or Canada, and are not authorized to bear the UL Mark. It is unknown if these adapters comply with the United States or Canadian safety requirements.

Name of Product: Power Adapter, model A1265 and BRD-A011

Number of Units: Unknown quantity

Date of Manufacture: Unknown

Manufacturer: Unknown

Known to be Sold at:  Deal Extreme Website ( and Shenzhen Saifeixiang Digital Technology, Co., Ltd. and may have been sold at other retailers.

Identification of Product:

On the Product: The product bears a label with the following information:


Photos of the Product: