NORTHBROOK, IL – February 7, 2012 – UL is notifying consumers, retailers, manufacturers, regulatory agencies and Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs) that the GFCI identified below, manufactured by Wenzhou Yongtai Electric Co. Ltd., may not provide protection in the event of a ground fault.  The product does not comply with UL’s safety requirements for the United States and is not eligible to bear the UL Mark.

Name of Product:   GFCI Cat. No. YGF15LL-IV

Manufacturer:   Wenzhou Yongtai Electric Co., Ltd.

Hazard:   May not provide protection in the event of a ground fault, posing a risk of shock.

Identification:  Label on the product: The label bears the following information:


ISSUE NO. B-450894


Identification:  On the box:  Front of box is marked:


Back of box is marked:  

Cat. No. YGF15LL-IV
Color:  Ivory, White, or Black
Photos of Product:

Photo of the product label:

Known to be sold at: