NORTHBROOK, Ill., January 28, 2009 — Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL) is notifying electricians, regulatory authorities and consumers that Nehring NCC 588 ground rods may not provide an adequate ground path. These products have not been evaluated for safety by UL and are not eligible to bear the UL Mark. 

Name of product: Nehring NCC 588

Number of Units: Unknown Quantity

Manufacturer: Unknown

Date of manufacture: Unknown

Hazard: It is unknown if the mechanical properties and dimensional tolerances of the ground rods are suitable to ensure an adequate ground path. The performance characteristics for these ground rods are unknown.

Identification: The counterfeit ground rods are marked NEHRING NCC 588. The marking does not include a UL control number or the word "LISTED".

What you should do: If you suspect a counterfeit ground rod was installed on your premises, contact a qualified electrician and have it replaced with a UL-LISTED ground rod. If you have one of these ground rods in your possession that has not been installed, UL recommends that the counterfeit ground rod be returned to the place of purchase.

Distributed by: Unknown

Photos of the counterfeit ground rod: The counterfeit ground rods are marked with only the following information:

Image of the counterfeit ground rod