Northbrook, Ill., USA; November 24, 2009 — UL is notifying
consumers, distributors, regulatory agencies and authorities having
jurisdiction that the Foam Liquid Concentrates, identified below, bear
an unauthorized UL Mark for the United States. This product has not
been evaluated by UL to the appropriate standards for safety and is not
authorized to bear the UL Mark. It is unknown if this product complies
with the United States safety requirements.

This product,
a foam liquid concentrate, is added to water and mechanically mixed
with air within a foam discharge device to produce a foam solution for
use on fires. The product may be distributed in 5-gallon pails, 275
gallon totes or 55 gallon drums.

Name of product:

  • U.S. First Strike 3% AFFF-MS Type: US-FC3MS
  • U.S. First Strike 3% AFFF Type: US-FC3
  • U.S. First Strike 3%-6% ATC Type: US-FCAR36
  • U.S. First Strike A/B Type: US-FC-FS
  • U.S. The “A-B” “Foam Solution” Type: US-FC-FS
  • U.S. 6% AFFF Type: US-FC6
  • U.S. 3%-3% AFFF Type: US-FCAR33

Units:  Unknown

Manufacturer:  Unknown

Dates of manufacture:  Unknown

Identification: On the container: A surface marking displays the unauthorized UL Mark and the following:

  • US-FC3MS
    Listed Foam Liquid Concentrate 68P6
  • US-FC3
    Listed Foam Liquid Concentrate 86R6
  • US-FCAR36
    Listed Foam Liquid Concentrate 86R6
  • US-FC-FS
    Listed Foam Liquid Concentrate 86R6
  • US-FC6
    Listed Foam Liquid Concentrate 879G
  • US-FCAR33
    Listed Foam Liquid Concentrate 879G